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Chemical Method

  • 6 hr
  • 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

NO KA OI utilizes mechanical means in its pest elimination program. This includes a wide variety of methods and devices that will rapidly and effectively get rid of urban pests. --Baits-- Poisoned baits are placed in strategic locations to attract rodents and crawling insects. --Dust Insecticides-- For long-lasting pest control, dust formulated insecticides are applied in cracks and crevices, voids where insect pests nest and harbor. --Residual Insecticides-- Residual insecticide treatments are applied for long-lasting control. --Contact Sprays-- Applications of contact sprays provide quick kill of mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects. --Larvicides-- Applied in all suspected breeding places of mosquitoes.

Contact Details

+ (02) 836-4133

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