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Liquid Chemical Treatment

  • 6 hours
  • 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

*** Controlling termites with conventional liquid termiticides *** --Pre-construction Termite Control-- Home and buildings can be pre-treated during construction. By placing a chemical barrier in the soil, the termites in the soil cannot reach the wood in the structure just as the termites in the structure at that time cannot go back to the soil. As a result, they die either from contacting the termiticide or from lack of moisture. --Post-construction Termite Control-- 1. Building construction employs several types of foundation. Each type requires special treatment measures in order to achieve an effective termite control. 2. Basement Construction Treatment is done by injecting the termiticide into the soil through holes drilled in the basement floor. It also involves scraping off all accessible mud tubes, both inside and outside the structure, as well as trenching and rodding the outside perimeter of the foundation. 3. Crawl Space Treatment requires applying the termiticide in the soil both on the outside and the inside of the foundation perimeters. It is also necessary to treat around all plumbing, conduits and piers. 4. Slab-on-the-Ground Treatment involves applying the termiticide to the soil in all areas where termites may enter the structure through the slab.

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