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Pest Control Solution

  • 6 hours
  • 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

*** Control of Ants, Cockroaches and other Crawling Insects *** -Chemical- Application of small amounts of dust and bait formulated insecticides into cracks and crevices where insects hide or through which they may enter a building. Spot application of residual insecticides to limited areas where insects are likely to walk, such as floors, walls or the undersides of equipment. Barrier treatment with residual sprays along building entrances. -Non-Chemical- Caulking Use of sticky traps ***Control of Flying Insects*** -Chemical- 1. Application of residual insecticides to outdoor surfaces where insects prefer to nest, such as porches, garages and garbage bins. 2. Insecticide baits that kill flies rapidly. 3. Use of contact sprays dispensed as very fine mist to control flies and mosquitoes indoors. 4. Use of appropriate larvicides on areas where mosquito larvae are present and on all fly breeding media. 5. Monthly treatment outside the perimeter area to control adult flies and mosquitoes. -Non-Chemical- 1. Installation of light traps where appropriate. Equipment is to be purchased by client. ***Rodent Control*** -Chemical- 1. Use of anticoagulant baits -Non-Chemical- 1. Trapping method using common snap traps, multiple catch traps and glue traps. 2. Exclusion technique using coarse steel wool and mesh stuffing to seal every possible rodent access to the building.

Contact Details

+ (02) 836-4133

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