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Sentricon Colony System

  • 6 hr
  • 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

*** Sentricon Subterranean Termite Colony Elimination System *** --In-Ground Station-- Step 1: Sentricon stations are installed in the ground around the perimeter of the structure. These are inspected periodically to determine the presence of termites in the area. Step 2: When termites are found in the monitoring stations, a Baitube device containing a termiticide is inserted into the Sentricon station. This is to be shared by termites as they come in and out of the bait, feed on it until they all eventually die. Step 3: After termites are no longer found in the Baitubes, the baits are once again replaced with untreated wood pieces and monitoring continues to guard against invasion from other new colonies. --Above-Ground Station-- If termites have been found infesting your home or building, your pest control specialist will install aboveground bait stations along areas that show signs of termite activity. The bait stations contain an active ingredient that interrupts the termites’ ability to molt, hence they are unable to grow and eventually die. This supplements the Sentricon in-ground station and controls termites more quickly.

Contact Details

+ (02) 836-4133

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